Supplementary support and supervision under new management from school year 2019/20

In February 2019, the school conference of the Elisabeth-Christinen-Grundschule had passed a resolution on an "application for cooperation with an independent youth welfare organisation" (change of after-school care provider). As a result, in a shortened selection procedure, an independent youth welfare institution was selected, which will take over the supplementary support and supervision (“eFöB”) at the Elisabeth-Christinen-Grundschule from the school year 2019/20.

In the course of the selection procedure, various youth welfare organisations were consulted at a presentation on 27th May 2019. In the following regular meeting of the school conference on 4th June 2019, a resolution was passed on the choice of which organisation to take over the management of the eFöB at the Elisabeth-Christinen-Grundschule.

The members of the school conference voted unanimously for the "Technische Jugendfreizeit- und Bildungsgesellschaft (tjfbg)". According to this vote, the eFöB at the Elisabeth-Christinen-Grundschule will be managed by tjfbg from the school year 2019/2020.
We are pleased about this development and hope for a trusting and well-functioning cooperation.